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===Activatable Artifact parameters===
For artifacts of {{para|type|activatable}}, the following additional parameters can be set:
;{{para|cost|<var>godpower</var>}}: ''Optional'' – Indicates the activation cost. Possible values are:
::{{para|cost|50}} – Requires 50% of godpower to activate (can also be: <code>50%</code>)
;{{para|effect|<var>Activation effect</var>}}: ''Optional'' – A brief description of the artifact's effect when activated. Free-form text field, preferably one of the entries on the following table.: {|class="wikitable"|-! Wikicode !! Formatted|-| <code><nowiki>Teleport to a random [[Town]]</nowiki></code>| Teleport to a random [[Town]]|-| <code><nowiki>Sends to the [[Arena]]</nowiki></code>| Sends to the [[Arena]]|-| <code><nowiki>Transform bold items into [[Golden bricks]]</nowiki></code>| Transform bold items into [[Golden bricks]]|-| <code><nowiki>Fuse 3000 coins into a [[Golden brick]] or kill a monster</nowiki></code>| Fuse 3000 coins into a [[Golden brick]] or kill a monster|-| <code><nowiki>Fully restore {{hero or heroine}}'s [[Health]]</nowiki></code>| Fully restore {{hero or heroine}}'s [[Health]]|-| <code><nowiki>Grants some [[Artifacts]]</nowiki></code>| Grants some [[Artifacts]]|-| <code><nowiki>Grants an [[Aura]]</nowiki></code>| Grants an [[Aura]]|-| <code><nowiki>Summons an aboveground [[Boss monster]]</nowiki></code>| Summons an aboveground [[Boss monster]]|-| <code><nowiki>Starts search for an underground [[Boss monster]]</nowiki></code>| Starts search for an underground [[Boss monster]]|-| <code><nowiki>Affect in a good or a bad way ([[Black boxes]])</nowiki></code>| Affect in a good or a bad way ([[Black boxes]])|-| <code><nowiki>Accentuate the {{hero or heroine}}'s [[personality]]</nowiki></code>| Accentuate the {{hero or heroine}}'s [[personality]]|-| <code><nowiki>Adds an [[Accumulator]] charge</nowiki></code>| Adds an [[Accumulator]] charge|}
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