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Diary guideline: Correcting category name
::: But I agree that the three you mentioned have a natural fit as "divine content" (I think I'll label it), and rather than grouping the geographic ones I think I'll just mix all three back into the main group. Getting 6 items out of the list makes it a lot more manageable, so I think that'll be fine. Thanks! -- [[User:FeRDNYC|FeRDNYC]] ([[User talk:FeRDNYC|talk]]) 16:43, 5 April 2019 (UTC)
== Diary guideline ==
Hi there, gonna tag [[User:Uni34]] on this topic as I would like to know why we should consider adding back the [[Guideline: Diary Articles]] to the available guidelines.
Personally, I don't see a single information on that old and unused Guideline that could be useful. If it was about the use of {{tlx|Diary}} template, well the documentation is enough I'd say, and the template is mentionned in the [[Creators Manual]]. -- [[User:WardPhoenix|WardPhoenix]] ([[User talk:WardPhoenix|talk]]) 11:05, 30 December 2019 (UTC)
:There is a diary article. —[[User:Uni34|Uni34]] ([[User talk:Uni34|talk]]) 11:22, 30 December 2019 (UTC)
:: That's not enough to justify the existence of that guideline IMO, especially considering that the sole article was written almost 10 years ago and that's it, only maintenance and formating followed. More argumentation would be appreciated!
:: As I can understand it can be interesting to have an explanation of some diary entry (and there is a forum topic for that I think), I'd mention that the idea of a list of diary entry (and earthly news) was considered innapropriate by the devs. And I don't think creating articles for every diary entry would help devs change their mind on that particular subject.
:: Then, that's my opinion, let's hope some others give their opinion. --[[User:WardPhoenix|WardPhoenix]] ([[User talk:WardPhoenix|talk]]) 12:20, 30 December 2019 (UTC)
::: Yeah, so... My thinking on this is pretty similar to {{u|WardPhoenix}}'s. In terms of frequency, we currently have an average of ≅{{#expr:({{PAGESINCATEGORY:Diary references}}/{{GE}}) round 6}} diary articles written per day in Godville history. And in the last 9 years, that average drops to 0.
::: So, I guess, for me, I begin by asking what the ''purpose'' of a guideline page is, and why we have guidelines for the pages we do and not for, say, [[:Category:Backguild]], [[:Category:Journalism]], and [[:Category:Tournaments]], all of which are much larger categories than [[:Category:Diary references]]. And to me, the answer is, Guidelines are there to provide helpful, friendly advice and guidelines for both new and experienced users, to ensure that pages created in a certain category:
:::* Look great
:::* Have good content, and
:::* Are a good fit with all the other pages like them, meeting the norms and standards thereof.
:::There ''are'' no norms or standards for diary pages. There ''is'' no demand for their creation. The only page in the category ''has '''no''' content'' worth speaking of, it's literally copy-pasted straight from the pages HHGTTG without a ''single word'' of original content or commentary of any kind. The [[Special:Redirect/revision/18131|''very first'']] edit to that page not done by its original creator removed it from its categories and marked it as needing a total rewrite because it's ''rubbish'', should never have existed in the first place, and if it had been created by anyone ''other'' than the moderator of the Godwiki, that same moderator would have blanked it, marked it for deletion, and given the author a rude {{tl|warning}} about it. Honestly, I've been tempted to just blank and delete the damn think myself a dozen times, but it's just so old now it doesn't seem worth getting rid of any more.
:::So, as WardPhoenix already pointed out, there's nothing ''special'' about Diary pages that merits a guideline, the general advice in the [[Creators Manual]] is completely adequate for anyone wishing to create such a page.
:::Just like we don't have guidelines for [[:Category:Backguild]], [[:Category:Journalism]], [[:Category:Tournaments]], etc, I see no need at all for one specifically for a dead category that nobody seems interesting in contributing to. In the unlikely event that this changes one day, we can revisit the issue. Meanwhile, in the event that {{u|Cham Almighty}} or {{u|SourceRunner}} find their way to this conversation (I'll be talkbacking you both), I'm actually quite interested in what you both think about this, as you two are thoughtful contributors to Godville culture at large, and both work professionally in writing and research in some way. -- [[User:Djonni|Djonni]] ([[User talk:Djonni|talk]]) 13:09, 30 December 2019 (UTC)

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