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==Sarcastic SamuraiZombie survival kit==<div style="float:right;margin-left:0.5em;">[[File:SarcasticSamuraiBrown.jpg|150pxframeless|upright=0.5|link=Zombie survival kit]]</div>{{spacer}}
The '''Sarcastic Samurai''' (''Miles hipponacteus'') zombie survival kit is a [[bold artifact carried by monsters. Heroes may acquire this artifact by killing a monster]]with it in its possession. <font color=green>''What did you think I am, Merchant purchase prices range from 43 to 657 gold coins.The zombie survival kit comes with a sushi bar run by Europeans?''</font>free handy-dandy canvas bag.
The Sarcastic Samurai grew up in a life of privilege in A complete kit also contains the noble ranks of Japan. <font color=green>''Ok, really, like there's another way a Samurai grew up; tell me something I don't know.''</font> Unfortunately, his father and seven older brothers instilled upon him a sharp wit by constantly mocking his intelligence with extreme sarcasm. <font color=green>''Actually, I gained my skill for insight and elegance from reading Sarcasm for Dummies.''</font>following:
([[Sarcastic SamuraiZombie survival kit|'''More...''' <font color=green>''No one would have guessed there is more to read...''</font>]])
----Recently featured: [[HellaphantProgress Bar]] -- [[Silent LambFool's goldfish]] <noinclude>

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