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Prawn of Satan

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It is extremely malevolent and will attack any hero with no apparent reason.
* Fire immunity.
* Exoskeleton makes it outstandingly resistant to non-magic attacks.
* Excellent paired with tartar sauce and white wine.
* Rather slow and clumsy on ground.
* Dumb as a rock.
* Vulnerable to freezing attacks.
* Vulnerable joints.
* Difficult to cook - you need something hotter than lava. Spells?see addendum
== See Also Addendum ===== Cooking ===There have been reports that multiple divine wrath lightning strikes in short succession have done the trick. If the hero manages to survive the trial, they will have a delicious meal! This works best when the hero doesn't have a lot of gold in their inventory, as gold is an excellent conductor and may divert lightning away from the Prawn of Satan.

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