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Godville Royalty

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How to become a member of Godville Royalty
*Buy your way in (Don’t Do This)
Any Godville merchant may be willing to sell you a tiny plot of land at a hefty price and let you call yourself “Lord (or Lady) So-and-so.” However, doing so doesn’t grant your hero / heroine any _actual_ legal rights or privileges associated with being royalty according to Godville law. It is important to not note this most likely won’t stop your hero from trying to do it anyway if they have the funds.
There’s one exception - you can buy the hereditary title of a Godville baron if you complete an application and attach all of the following: at least eight figures from savings, one hundred gold bricks, a finished temple, one thousand logs, a finished ark, a level 50 pet, and but the title comes without the associated patch of land. But even if you do this to try to shore up some legitimate claim to your royal Godville ancestry, it won’t get your hero any actual role or duties in Godville. Save your money so your hero can spend it on beer, which they eventually will do without your influence anyway.

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