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Saving Guide

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Don't push too hard
You should have already noticed. The savings goal is a unique goal in Godville taking an exceptionally long time -- '''2 to 8 years''' to complete.
Taking a step back to the temple goal, people can be pretty motivated: they take 5.5 arena matches a day, they take a few underground bosses too. Proceeding to the ark goal, they take 5.5 dungeons again. They also send them back to Godville properly to squeeze 2 temple logs every day. 5 logs a daily would be so simple --- But .......but they soon left the game soon just because it is too hard to maintain such pace.
To master this super long term goal, it is better to keep it nice and slow. Don't be frustrated on bad RNG or mistakes because it happens to you all the time. The important thing is, if you stick with the game long enough the goal will be achieved on day.

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