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Talk:JanuWiki 2019

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Hello!! I quite enjoyed the event! I personally found the themes fairly useful in highlighting articles of note - otherwise, it would have felt fairly insurmountable to tackle the insane number of monsters/artifacts/etc that could technically have articles written about them.
I wrote because it happened to be in a free period for me before work commitments started piling up - perhaps that can be considered? I know it's hard, given the fact that this is a fairly global community, but maybe there are some universal periods that players are more available? Like... the holiday seasons?? (Xmas, Halloween etc) I know it can get busy in December, but maybe next time we can consider having an event then, especially since Godville itself runs events that probably do draw people in.
Reviews were really appreciated tbh, especially as someone who is fairly new to writing wiki articles. However, I can understand the burden it may be as this whole thing is fairly thankless and it really is (as Nabilou stated above) a labour of love. (Can I take this moment to shout a thank you to my reviewers Cham Almighty and SourceRunner it was a huge help thank you!!!) I think it's an issue of perhaps widening our pool of participants somehow - maybe we can reach out to the admins and run an actual ad in the Godville Times?!
--[[User: Annieysa9898|Annieysa9898]] ([[User talk:Annieysa9898|talk]]) 11:04, 28 February 2019 (UTC)

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