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Voodoo Barbie

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'''Voodoo Barbie''' is a tiny, vicious [[monster]]. It proves that size does not matter!  == General Informations== Rushing into battle, the Voodoo Barbie carries two long needles, of which it stabs itself with. In a suicidal run, the little monster bonds herself to her target, and then carries out self-mutilation. The damage she inflicts to her own body, is immediately transferred to the afflicted hero or heroine. The Voodoo Barbie cannot kill through this method, but can maim and mutilate, causing her victim to slowly bleed out.
Yet the monster is also hurting herself. She is plastic, so she can survive these grievous wounds, yet her attack ability is mostly expended after a successful assault. The only thing left to her is a meager attempt on another human, and often this is when she dies.
* Distracted by sparkling trinkets and curious doodads.
* Only wants to be loved!

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