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Grounded Hog

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| image = HidingHog.jpg |200px|thumb]] latin = Marmota fundati
| description = Fuzzy Wuzzy
| class = Woodchuck
| levels = 60-89 (?)
| feature = Dungeon-Ability
}}[[File: GroundedHog1.jpg|thumb|275px|right| A grounded hog laughs at a hero.]][[File: GroundedHog2.jpg|thumb|275px|right| A grounded hog tells a hero to stop, back away, and listen.]][[File: GroundedHog3.jpg|thumb|275px|right| A grounded hog waits for their hero to get stitched up at the physician.]]
The '''Grounded Hog''' (''Marmota fundati'') is a tameable [[monster]] that is the second-cousin twice removed and then put back again to the more commonly known woodchuck. However, they don't like any references to chucking wood and if stopped to ask how much wood their almost second-cousins chuck in a given day if they felt so inclined to chuck said wood, the '''grounded hog''' would tuck itself into the fetal position and immediately fall asleep out of boredom. The '''grounded hog''' would then hope that you will assume they died of said boredom before you even finished your question.
* Will most likely ignore your hero or heroine unless they feel sorry for him or her
* Does not realize the hero is not one of its offspring

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