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Dirt Devil

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| image = dirtdevil3.jpg
|latin = Dæmonium terra
| class = Earth Demon
| habitat = Mud holes to Dust plains
| rattle = See ?! I told you you wouldn't like me when I'm mad...}}
'''Monster:''' '''Dirt Devil''' (''Dæmonium terra'')
The '''Dirt Devil''' (''Dæmonium terra'') is an evil incarnate spawned from the ground itself.  It rises out of the ground to engulf you in a whirlwind of teeth, claws and ... well, dirt. Hence the name dirt devil. No Hero can stand against such an onslaught, but those with the '''[[Bad_breath]]''' skill do stand a chance.
== Attributes ==
* One of our more foolhardy Field Workers decided to poke a Dirt Devil with a stick to see for himself what those big teeth really looked like...
We still have what's left of him in our freezer... several toes and a hand, I believe.
* This image was extracted from a much chewed camera out of the belly of one Dirt Devil, oh, along with an entire arm from a Field Agent we now call 'Lefty'.
[[Image:dirtdevil2.jpg]]  [[Category:Monsters|thumb]]

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