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I am done watching lists .... my poor eyes.
== Doublons (or worse) on Lists ==
It seems to have some doublons (or worse) in [[omnibus list]] and categories list for some things (like double eye-patch who had three different spelling)... I don't think there is three diferents headgear with the same name but different spelling so I guess it is another "We need to find the truth" topic. Gonna try  There is less than I was afraid of but still (search them in their respective list or the omnibus list) : * Double eyepatch (Headgear and/or artifact)* Godville citizen badge (talisman)* Icarus Rocket (Arms)* Icarus Wings (Arms)* Insani tea / Isani tea (Artifact / does the 2nd one exist or is it a list speeling mistake of itthe 1st?)* Chain-letter mail (Artifact) I love how in GodWiki, when you start fixing things on articles you find other things to fix in the process xD

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