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Drop Bear

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A remote island located in the [[Sacred Archipelago]] populated by rude, well-tanned people started spreading the rumours that Drop Bears are not real. The whole point was to decimate the growing number of gullible tourists that started visiting the island more and more, even though the island lays so far south in the [[Qu'tox Ocean]] that it doesn't fit on any of Godville's maps. Tourists, after being lulled into the false sense of security by the locals, are often viciously attacked and usually lethally injured.
After Since giant eagle air travel has become more popular, Drop Bears started spreading outside of their original habitat in [[Sacred Archipelago]]. The most likely theory is that Drop Bears started attaching themselves to bellies of cargo eagles and travelled traveling all the way across the ocean on to the mainland. They can be found all over Godville , now , since they have no other natural predators except for than heroes and heroines (and we know that they're those are not very effective predators).
Victims that have been ''dropped on'' by Drop Bears rarely survive, meaning this hoax can go on unnoticed by the general public outside [[Sacred Archipelago]].
[[Image:DropBearSkeleton.jpg|thumb|250px|left|Skeleton of a small Drop Bear]]
An average '''Drop bearBear's ''' size is comparable to a large [[Biowolf]] or a smaller [[Bear Minimum]]. Their Its body is highly adapted for climbing and life in tree canopies — they Drop Bears have incredibly strong forearms with long sharp claws and strong hind legs.
Large canines and strong jaw.
'''Drop Bears ''' used to hunt mostly large macropods native to [[Sacred Archipelago]], but in recent years, they've started hunting any humanoid species as well. Their prey is generally much larger than themselves, but never stands chance since Drop Bears attack unexpectedly from above.
Common advice on how to avoid being attacked from locals Locals advise (once you prove convinced they really can't persuade you a tourist that Drop Bears don't exist) is using their sacred bread spread made out of beer yeast extractsin order to prevent attacks. The victim rarely realizes that this will only make them more delicious and enticing for any Drop Bears around.
[[Image:DropBearTeeth.jpg|thumb|250px|right|Diagram of a Drop Bear jaw.<ref>Lady de la Fossey, Dianne (1980 g.e.) ''A practical Practical Manual to Zoology: How to avoid bitesAvoid Bites, stings Stings and scratchesScratches.'' [[Unspecifiedistan]] University Press</ref>]]
*From a distance , they look very cute, docile , and calm.*Sharp teeth with in an incredibly strong jaw.*Great sight and orientation in free fall.
*Forks Upward-facing forks in their prey's hair.*Sensitive With sensitive hearing, they hate accents (thus avoid and rarely attack locals).

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