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Cheap Skater

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| class = Cheap
| description = A cheapskate skater
| habitat = Supermarket tillsOn skateboards or skates
| associated artifact = Cheapskate's Skates
This [[monster]] will stop at nothing to save money on everything. Literally. They zoom past on their skateboards, picking up deals and discounts on their way. At restaurants, they use their uncanny speed to steal leftovers of other people's food. At bars, they will steal drinks and wallets from right under heroes' noses. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT underestimate the lengths a Cheap Skater will go to save money.
This monster will stop at nothing ===Attributes=====Strengths==*Extreme speeds from being highly skilled on their skates or skateboards.*Able to save money on everythingsniff out a bargain from milestones away. At restaurants ==Weaknesses==*Their equipment is prone to breaking down, as they are so cheap, they will steal leftovers of other people's foodnot spend on expensive, better versions. This can hamper them in battle. *Anything free. At bars they Often will steal drinks and pickpocket heros. Do notfreeze in battle, I repeatleaving themselves vulnerable, DO NOT underestimate the lengths a Cheap Skate will go if presented with an item for free. Heroes should take this opportunity to save money''run''.

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