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User:FeRDNYC/Administrative requests

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Document mobile-diff revision issue
A place to compose the text of issues needing administrative support, before pasting into the "Report a bug" box in the game interface. Also serves as a record of requests made, and possibly additional detail/reasoning that's too long to include in the bug-reporting field.
===Diffs don't link to old revisions on mobile===
: '''''Submitted:''' 2019-01-21
In the article history view on mobile (e.g. [[Special:History/Main Page]]), tapping an individual change will display the diff view for that change using a mobile diff view. For example, one particular previous edit to the [[Main Page]] is displayed at [[Special:MobileDiff/88718]].
For editors viewing these previous diffs, for comparison purposes it can be extremely useful to see the full rendering of that specific old version of the page. In the desktop interface, this can be done by clicking a revision timestamp in the History list, or by clicking "Revision as of (time)" in the diff view — though the latter is not strictly necessary, as the desktop diff view automatically displays the old page rendering directly below the diff.
In the mobile view, the same thing would ''normally'' be possible from <code>Special:MobileDiff</code> by tapping on the page title — the title link would contain the <code>?oldid=</code> reference corresponding to the "after" state of the displayed diff. However, while this works on Wikipedia, in the Godwiki <code>Special:MobileDiff</code> view this is not functioning. The <code>Special:MobileDiff</code> title link always goes to the ''current'' revision of the page. This leaves mobile editors with no reasonable way to view previous article revisions.
====Illustrative comparison====
The following comparison links can be viewed in any browser, mobile or desktop, for a practical demonstration of this issue.
; Mobile-diff view of an English Wikipedia [[wikipedia:Help:Diff|Help:Diff]] edit —
: Note how tapping/clicking on the page title ("'''Help:Diff'''") above the "bytes added" line will link to the corresponding old version of the page:
; Mobile-diff view of a Godwiki [[Main Page]] edit —
: Note how tapping/clicking on the page title ("'''Main Page'''") above the "bytes added" line links to the '''current''' version of [[Main Page]]:
I have searched the MediaWiki documentation for configuration options or other methods by which this functionality would be changed, but come up empty-handed. Without being able to see the server code/configs, I don't know ''why'' the diff view is functioning differently on Godwiki. I only know that it is, and that difference is hampering the efforts of mobile editors.
===Content obscured by infoboxes on mobile===
: '''''Not Submitted''' because I'm tired of [ screaming into the void].''

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