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World's Apex

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Found directly northeast of the [[Platonic Woodland]], the '''World's Apex''' is the highest mountain range in the land. The snow-covered land is rivaled only by the [[Jagged Peaks]], though they are exactly 15 meters shorter. This exhilarating landscape is home to [[Herolympus]]. Here, hordes of retired [[Heroes]] enjoy life peacefully while enjoying the precious view of [[Godville (World)|Godville's landscape]]. Meanwhile, the mountain does its job by providing water to the [[River Stinks]] and the [[River Amp]]. These rivers in turn give water to other [[Towns]].
As one can see, the World's Apex is more than just a heap of rocks, it is an essential part of the ecosystem. The snow melts and travels down the mountain as a pure, life-giving beverage that revitalizes anyone who drinks it. The water is almost as energizing as that of the [[Fountain of Youth]], though some alchemists claim that this is due to trace amounts of a hallucinogenic chemical in the waters: veteran heroes tend to be so off their rocker anyway that they hardly notice the difference. [[Cold Turkey|Cold Turkeys]] and [[Arctic Monkey|Arctic Monkeys]] are common here.

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