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JanuWiki 2019

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Side Jobs: Switch to using Template:Div col and allow browser to choose number of columns
: The creators of the best five JanuWiki articles that use the {{tlx|he or she}}, {{tlx|hero or heroine}}, etc. templates throughout, so that the gender in the text changes daily, will earn 4 charges. Judged by '''[[Djonni]]''' ([[Talk:Djonni|talk]]).
''Side job candidate articles:''
<{{div stylecol|colwidth="margin: 0.1rem 0.4rem; columns: 3 9em; column-gap: 0; overflow: auto;">}}<ul style="margin-top: 0 auto; width: 9em;">
<li>[[Beer-scented soap]]</li>
<li>[[Bottle of beer from a wall]]<li>
<li>[[“Free beer” ticket]]<li>
</ul></{{div>col end}}
;Wrath of the Harvest

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