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Content obscured by infoboxes on mobile: update
'''''Body text''''' rendering into small spaces between the infobox and the page edge has also been a problem, given the lack of adequate responsive CSS on the wiki since the loss of the Minerva mobile skin. Paragraphs that begin with short words like "A" or "The" can also find themselves sneaking partly alongside floated content. See [ these screenshots from Terezka] for an example. Adding a min-width to the general page content, so that paragraphs are prevented from squeezing themselves into small areas like that, may also be prudent.
=====Update: 14:17, 17 January 2019 (UTC)=====
My initial thought to solve this was to create the set of heading templates documented at {{tlx|Heading}}, to be used in place of the standard wikimarkup for headings when they would fall alongside floated content — because the templates create heading tags styled <code>min-width: 15em;</code>, the headings would be forced below the floated blocks on any display too narrow for them to fit alongside. But that required modifying each page where headings collided with infoboxes or other floated content.
So then I realized that my other creation, {{tlx|spacer}}, could unilaterally be used in each template which outputs floated content, so that the {{tag|div}} it creates immediately follows the float, and it would have the same effect without having to modify the target page. The only down side will be a small amount of vertical whitespace added where the spacer falls, either immediately alongside the top of the floated block (on wide displays), or immediately beneath the floated block (on narrow displays). So, that's the fix I'm currently pursuing.
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