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All Inn

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The All Inn is a tavern founded by Bingo "Ace" Blackjack, a retired merchant, with funds he she got from selling a chain of casinos. It's well-known<ref>By which it is meant that it has been listed in the [[“Godville for atheists” travel guide|“Godville for atheists” travel guide]] at least once</ref> for the variety of gambling activities that heroes can enjoy over a glass of beer or two (or three, or four...), and an oddly large menu, which its founder has insisted on, because of his her strong feelings about the importance of hospitality. (However, it must be noted that the menu is fairly pricey, and that well-fed heroes tend to stay longer.) It also has a few rooms available for rent, usually used by heroes who have collapsed on the tables and must be carried away to free up spaces for other eager gamblers.
== Signature Drinks ==
The All Inn offers several themed beverages, which have received rave reviews from at least two heroes<ref> Comments include 'Greatslrljadnjflkadfa...' and 'This is really nice! Wait, how much did this cost again?'</ref>.
*The Luck-tini, the choice of desperate heroes running short of cash. Known Made by Blackjack herself on demand, known ingredients include leprechaun spit, muddled four-leaf clovers, and crushed rainbows. However, it has been said that it might actually have the reverse effect on gamblers...
[[Image:lucktini.jpg|200px|thumb|center|Feeling lucky?]]
[[Image:high cow.jpg|200px|thumb|centre|They promise the cows live long, happy lives before they are served to hungry patrons.]]
They It also serve serves "Snake Eyes", which they promise don't it promises does not come from actual snakes, and are just artisanally crafted by their team of chefs <ref>However, heroes have been quoted describing it as 'oddly squishy' and 'Oh god it's still moving!'</ref>. Another customer favourite is the 'Baccarat-atouille' is served in a shoe, as is traditional in the distant region of Punto Banco. Visitors should also try their 'Dice-d Game' which is the flesh of fresh-caught Wanted Monsters, diced into cubes and marinatedwith a recipe passed down from-mother-to-daughter in the Blackjack family.
== References ==

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