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Brewpid the Reindeer

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== Legendary Recent Activity ==
During the winter holiday season, [[Satan Claus]] and his posse of reindeer descend upon [[Godville (town)|Godville]] and its environs to deliver [[Artifacts|gifts]] to the [[Monsters|monsters]], and to murder and rob as many adventurers as possible. '''Brewpid''' distinguishes itself from the others by its constant state of inebriation during these activities.<ref>”And, frankly, all activities.” —Basher— Basher</ref> Brewpid can be found lurking around the milestones between settlements, pounding down shots of peppermint schnapps and waiting for a fight.
When Brewpid is defeated in battle, it will reliably give up some kind of treasure or trophy to its killer. Often this treasure is a ❄, as unique to the holiday season as Brewpid itself. When Brewpid slays a hero, it takes the gold and buys some [[Progress Bar|good pilsner]] to try and get the gross schnapps taste out of its mouth.

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