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Fat Cat

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| description = slighty overweight good kitty| latin = <!-- a Latin-style species name, if known/made-up --> Catus Fatus| class = feline| habitat = | boss = <!-- Set to 'yes' if this is a boss-monster, and possibly fill in... --> | boss-type = <!-- One of: above, dig, quest, 1ab, 2ab, 3ab. See Template:Monster for details. -->| pet = <!-- Set to 'yes' if this is a tameable monster, and possibly fill in... --> | levels = <!-- Hero levels at which the pet can be tamed --> | feature = <!-- Rideable, Sailing, Dungeon, etc. --> on your lap
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The '''Fat Cat''' (''Latin name (in italics)Catus Fatus'') isn't really a monster. Just a cat. That is fat. Honestly, why heroes and heroines cannot overcome them...
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* How to recognize this monster
Massive gargantuan purring machine of smashing destructions. It doesn't know it's own strenght. Or weight. Fat Cat has a habit of sitting on hero lap to be pet and accidentally crushing them to death.
* Tips for battling this monster
Good tactic to defeat this monster is to lure it near steep slope and give it a little nudge.
* Other distinguishing features
Doesn't know it's own strenghtComes in all colors and one shape. or weight. Has a habit of sitting on hero lap to be pet and accidentally crushing them to deathRound
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== Attributes ==
=== Strengths ===
* Strengthvery resilient* Strengthcannot be moved* Strengthtoo selfish to care
=== Weaknesses ===
* Weaknesscatnip pie* Weaknessthat last piece of pizza* Weaknessactually any pie
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