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Red Bull

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| description = Roseate male cattle frequently in the company of butterflies.
| latin = Bovus rufus
| class = Whimsical bovine
| habitat = High steppes and meadows.
| pet = <!-- Set to 'yes' if this is a tameable monster, and possibly fill in... -->
The '''Red Bull''' (''Bovus Rufusrufus'') was once raised as domesticated cattle by the rural citizens of [[Godville]], and was lauded as a gentle creature, good with children and , {{a or b|heroes, and heroines|heroines, and heroes}} alike. Until one fateful day a {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} stepped on one bull’s butterfly.
== History ==
The troubles began with a bull named Ferdinand<ref>Not '''that''' Ferdinand.</ref> who, like all bulls named Ferdinand, was very fond of butterflies. This Ferdinand had red fur, and was part of a species of cattle (''Bovus rufus'') that the farmers of Godville kept for draft work, mostly pulling ploughs and transporting the farmers’ kids to school.<ref>When asked why only to school and not from, the stock farmer 's response is, “When I was a kid attending school, I had to walk uphill both ways. They can manage walking uphill one way.”</ref><ref>To which the next farmer's standard response is, “Walk uphill both ways? Luxury!”</ref> As such, Ferdinand was adept at both humoring and minding children, and also was familiar with and friendly to with the {{a or b|heroesand heroines|heroinesand heroes}} he met along the road to school.
One day, there was a new {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} just starting out on the spiral road, and this {{a or b|hero|heroine}} who was deathly afraid of that scourge of the skies: the stinging insect. Being a city-bred {{a or b|herolad|heroinelass}}, {{a he or b|he|she}} wasn’t certain what a stinging insect looked like, or if all insects had sabers strapped to their tails, but {{a he or b|he|she}} was certain that they were abundant and apt to attack anything that moved.
Ferdinand was on his way back from dropping the kids off at school and was frolicking a little with the morning’s butterflies when he spotted the new {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} on the path ahead. He ambled up behind the {{a him or b|hero|heroineher}} and snuffled into {{a his or b|his|her}} hand, because that was the polite way to ask for a good facial scratching session.
The {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} jumped, a little startled, and followed the nose in {{a his or b|his|her}} hand up to soulful, glistening eyes, then up to strong, powerful shoulders, and beyond to the cloud of marauding bugs circling the poor, red creature. This was obviously a plea for help.
“I’ll save you,” declared the {{a he or b|hero|heroineshe}}declared, drawing {{a his or b|his|her}} stale loaf of French bread}}. A swipe, and another swipe dispersed the menacingly colorful sky pirates! A third swipe knocked one of the fleeing rogues to the ground, and the brave {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} stomped it to death with a satisfying crunch! It would never sting another innocent soul!
The Red Bull, Ferdinand, looked on in bewilderment and growing horror as this {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} who should have been solving the itch on his nose instead attacked his butterflies. His butterflies. ''His'' butterflies. And then '''''killed''''' one of them! His distressed lowing gave way to an outraged bellow, and he hooked the {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} on his horns, galloping to toss {{a him or b|him|her}} off the [[Cliff of Unrequited Love]]. That done, he bellowed again, putting all of the latent magic in his body to work to lay an oath upon himself and all of his kind to avenge all butterflies against all {{a heroes or b|heroines}} and {{heroesor heroines|heroinesi=1}} for all of time.
Shortly thereafter, all '''of the other Red Bulls''' broke out of their pastures and became wild things, learning their new vendetta’s craft at the knees of the [[Terror Bull|Terror Bulls]]s.
== Combat Notes ==
Clouds of butterflies generally precede these monsters, so {{a heroes or b|heroes|heroines}} can usually avoid them by maintaining vigilance. However, wild pixies will sometimes join the '''Red Bull’s''' butterfly flock, taking advantage of the monster’s poor eyesight for a little bit of protection from hawks and other predators. {{a or b|Heroesand heroines|Heroinesand heroes}} should be careful when swatting away a pesky pixie, because it’s its distressed pheromones will reach any nearby pixies in butterfly clouds and cause them to drive a Red Bull at the {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} in defense of their kin.
An invisible narrator often accompanies a Red Bull, so a {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} can expect to hear the announcement, “Red Bull gives you wings.” Keeper K’targ of the Amateur Naturalist’s Khlub (ANKh) hypothesizes that this is a warning that the Red Bull is attempting a critical hit or a fatality move, somehow designed to send the {{a hero or b|hero|heroine}} flying or turn {{a him or b|him|her}} into an angel. ANKh advises any {{a or b|hero|heroine}} anyone who hears the announcement to take to {{a or b|his|her}} their heels.
== Attributes ==
* Goes faster because it’s red.
* Great strength of feet.
* Terrifyingly unreasoning hatred of {{a or b|heroesand heroines|heroinesand heroes}}.
=== Weaknesses ===
== Footnotes ==
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