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'''Sparky''' the [[Hyper Lynx]] turned up all by himself, like cats are wont to do. God-ly patron was suspicious at first at this sudden increase in pets of her heroine (lv. 72, single and to be taken!) but was consolidated quickly by his exceptionally good electrical conductance.
with great flourish and glee to the ark of Darcy also joined:
'''Stitch''' the [[Philosoraptor]] mighty rideable beast striving to uncover why 42 is the meaning of life.
'''Mollymouk''' the [[santa claws]] (previously known as Shelby but hush! he's sensitive about it)
''"Chasing golden bricks was fun... not. Storm clouds were over my hear too often to count. But somehow I managed building this Golden Shack, co hopefully my God will piss off ...what? You want some overpriced yacht now, Almighty?"'' - DarcyLewis
''"The deed is done, The boat has sailed... and sinked. Was that what you wanted it for, Capricious One?"'' - DarcyLewis

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