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Aardvark of the Covenant

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The Aardvark of the Covenant understandably dislikes heroes and will attack them any chance it gets. It hopes that someday it will find the Covenant among the personal articles of a vanquished foe, and if not, it is at least taking vengeance on the people who condemned it to this miserable and lonely fate. It is known to sneak up on unsuspecting heroes by burrowing through the ground and suddenly bursting forth from the sides of the road. Once in the open, the beast unleashes arching electrical impulses capable of stunning its prey. One guild, experienced in dealing with this monster, advises that heroes wrap the handle of their weapon in non-conductive material and proceed to bludgeon or impale the Aardvark of the Covenant as quickly as possible, then run like mad.
'''Strengths:'''*Immortal*Electric personality*Attentive to duty== Attributes ==
'''=== Strengths ===* Immortal* Electric personality* Attentive to duty === Weaknesses:'''===*Ants*Poor eyesight*Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

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