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Aftermoths are the size of a human hand and have been mistaken for cute by [[heroes]] who aren't paying attention to their surroundings. Attentive Heroes are aware that they are traversing the [[Radiostagnant Pits]], where nothing good happens after 8 o'clock in the morning on Day 1 g.e. Aftermoths ooze radiation from their fur that kills brain cells and all other cells left and right. Except of course the cells of the Aftermoth, which is immune to radiation.
'''Strengths:'''*Reinforced wings makes it impossible to down it.*Large size let’s it do more damage*Radioactive== Attributes ==
'''=== Strengths ===* Reinforced wings makes it impossible to down it.* Large size let’s it do more damage* Radioactive === Weaknesses'''===
* <s>Flames</s> Can be hypnotized with small flames
*Bug zappers

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