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This monster evolved from alpacas because too many heroes had begun to encroach on the lands of their ancestors. The alpacalypse becomes enraged and literally explodes, destroying everything within a 150 mile radius when confronted by an unwise hero. This monster is a reasoning creature that is actually very well read, having a focus on agrarianism and its examples in history. The alpacalypse lives peacefully alongside farmers and other humans that are not heroes, sometimes even allowing themselves to be sheared for their priceless and extremely magical Alpacalypsian Wool. Its is impossible to kill the alpacalypse without cataclysmic effects. It is suggested that if a hero were to spot one before the monster saw him, the best course of action is to give it a wide berth and they should not under any circumstances engage the monster.
'''Strengths'''== Attributes ==
=== Strengths ===*Bodies are insulated from the elements*Have very soft muzzles*Can trample a single hero without detonating
 '''=== Weaknesses'''===*Anger management issues*Llamas*Midnight snacking

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