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Alpha Centaur

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The '''Alpha Centaur''' (''Centaurus alphaus'') is a half man, half horse creature from a solar system about four light-years away. In spite of its physical appearance, its laugh sounds unusually like that of a hyena.  == Description ==During a fight, it has an annoying habit of using odd, little gestures to keep your attention, although this may be a typical habit in other solar systems. Alpha Centaurs are known to charge from the trees and bushes, though in doing so, their powers are weakened. Nevertheless, this can greatly injure a {{hero or heroine}} caught off-guard.
Alpha Centaurs are particularly difficult for {{heroes or heroines}} to kill because they are confused by the physical properties of the monster. They don't know if they should talk to the man, attack the whole thing, or try to ride it like a horse. This last option is a great distraction as the {{heroes or heroines}} hate walking everywhere, and would like a horse to ride. However, attempting to ride an Alpha Centaur only results in the injury of anyone and everyone nearby.
'''=== Strengths:'''===
* Strong
* Incredible endurance
* Can transport large amounts of weight on their backs
* As fast as a horse
'''=== Weaknesses:'''===
* Carrots, which they love, and apples too, but only to a lesser extent
* They will do a double take at any offer to take them back to their home world
* Are constantly distracted by plants on the side of the road
* Are fascinated and easily distracted by the mere mention of dressage

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