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The '''Arrestocrat''' is a [[boss-monster]]. It is a powerful four-legged feline-looking creature armed with poisonous saliva and a powerful tail. The saliva does moderate damage and is used at least twice per battle. The tail is usually used only once because its cool down timer is quite long. The Arrestocrat has the ability to heal itself occasionally as well as absorb a hero's encouragement. When appearing in a hulking form, as with many boss-monsters, it has extra health.
Arrestocrat is believed to come from a rich society; perhaps a family with a maid, a gardener, and a chauffeur. Arrestocrats are encouraged all their lives to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, or other assorted high paying jobs. However, the Arrestocrat, in a fit of defiance, will often leave its home and do drugs, become gang affiliated, and do other assorted things that their Frappacino drinking parents disapprove of. Eventually, Arrestocrats get caught in their evil ways and find themselves arrested.
The Arrestocrat will sit in his cell for minutes, sometimes even hours, before it loses its mind. A comfortable Starbucks lifestyle as a child did little to prepare it for siting in a prison. It is at this point that the Arrestocrat became a monster, and broke free from its cell, to terrorize heroes throughout the land.
'''== Attributes == === Strengths:'''===
* Often rich after working high-paying jobs
* Already irritated at the world
'''=== Weaknesses:'''===
* No longer used to getting its feet dirty
* Spoiled rotten

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