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When hero see a big tubby warrior barreling towards them with empty beer pitcher and expression of greed and rage on his face, the answer is only one: Beerserker.
Beerless Beerserker is almost unrecognizable. It appears as rather docile, if big in stature, horned warrior who will follow hero with hopefull hopeful expression. But do not be fooled by it's its placidness! It's a tactic that leds leads lost Beerserker to the nearest tawern tavern and lets them regain their power!
They often posses a traditional beerserking garb: horned helmet, mugs for ale, sometimes hop necklace.
''' === Other distinguishing features'''===
The horns on it's helmet can be unscrewed and contains emergency beer.
There are two techniques that work against Beerserker:
First, hero has to relinquish all his beer possesionspossessions, so Beerserker is busy drinking and leaves them alone. All beer conesers connoisseurs agree that flavour of even poor quality beer is better than old faint beer scent heroes exclude.
As heroes never use first one, there is:
=== Strengths ===
* when When smells fresh beer goes into uncontrollable rage* ingesting Ingesting beer gives him strenght strength of ten beer kegs barreling towards you at high speed 
=== Weaknesses ===
* watered Watered down beer* growing Growing immunity to beer effects due to exposure* when When in rage can spill beer and cry over it
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