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== Origins ==
Stories of Beerserkers are as old as beer itself. They talk of beer brewers which devotion ran do deep they denounced all gods except Beer. In punishement god of parties, Dionizos, chased them from their brewhouses and he forbade them making their own beer. Lost brewers couldn't take separation from their beloved liquor and their become they became first beer-seeking warriors. Tales of heroes and heroines that forgot about their patrons in a bout of alkoholic ecstazy. Whispers of warriors so depraved of alkohol on their AA meetings that at the barest of mentions of beer they go into uncontrollable rage.
== Tips for battling stray Beerserkers ==
There are two techniques that work against Beerserker: first, hero has to relinquish all his beer possesions, so Beerserker is busy drinking and leaves them alone. All beer conesers agree that flavour of even poor quality beer is better than old faint beer scent heroes exclude.
As heroes never use first one, there is: second, fight to the last drop of beer. Heroes protective of their beer can be vicious and have usually 50% survival rate.

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