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Talk:Harvest Moon/Election History

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election update
Also looking for 4 hired staff, at a pay of 22 charges a week. Looking for an influencer, wiki editor, promoter and welcomer.
*Influencer Wanted: a Non - semi active arena/dungeon/sailor to take my money and throw it down the tubes on gaining influence in towns of Godville.Needs: Knowledge of Godville towns, guild pages, the Godville times influence tracker.ability to gain bonus charges by encouraging other to influence as well. *Wiki editor Wanted: someone who enjoys editing the wiki to help me double check point claims and update the point sheet.Needs: simple understanding of wiki functions.Ability to gain bonus charges for extra wiki beatifying. *Promoter Wanted: a trusted fellow no life to post updated event info in gc and forums when im passed out or drunk.Needs: to constantly ask me "what they can do now". be able to write up promos themselves.Ability to gain bonus charges for promoting other godville events in gc and our forums *Welcomer Wanted: Someone to personally welcome folks to HM with standard welcome post, although newbies aren't encouraged during my termNeeds: friend invitesAbility to gain bonus charges for getting less noobs to join and stay.

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