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Whew. I'm not good with words, but I think I wrote it down in a way that at leasy I understand myself. Hopefully you do too. Or not. Anyway, writing this was fun. Have a nice day ;-). <span style="border: 1px solid #aaa; background: #fcfcf9; margin-right: .3em; padding: 1px;">[[Image:godicon.png|God|link={{urlencode:Wawajabba|PATH}}]] '''[{{urlencode:Wawajabba|PATH}} Wawajabba]{{#if: |{{medal | hr = | zv = | ar = | tr = | cm = }}}}{{#if: 42|<small>([[User:Wawajabba|'''<span title="Visit Wawajabba's Godwiki Userpage">U</span>''']]•[[Special:Contributions/Wawajabba|'''<span style="color:#222;" title="View Wawajabba's Godwiki contributions">C</span>''']]•[[User talk:Wawajabba|'''<span title="Leave a message on Wawajabba's user talk page">T</span>''']])</small>}}'''</span> 21:28, 7 August 2018 (UTC)
== Main Page discussion edit ==
Hey, just FYI, [ this edit] you did earlier at [[Talk:Main Page]] only added your signature to the page, and nothing else. So, if you had intended to post anything there, it didn't get posted. 🙁 (If not, and it was just an aborted comment that didn't quite get fully aborted, then no harm done.) -- [[User:FeRDNYC|FeRDNYC]] ([[User talk:FeRDNYC|talk]]) 18:39, 19 December 2018 (UTC)

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