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No |wanted=
; {{para|monster|<var>Monster Name</var>}} : ''Optional'' — Only include if the artifact actually has its own [[Monsters' Artifacts|associated monster]]. Will automatically link to the Godwiki article for that monster.
:: ''('''Note''': Setting {{para|monster}} will categorize the article into the [[:Category:Monsters' Artifacts|Monsters' Artifacts]] category.)''
;{{para|wanted|<var>date</var>}} : ''Optional'' — Date or dates when the monster was Wanted in the [[Godville Times]].
: In the field, write the word "Day" or "Days" and add the [*/] link of the g.e. day or days the monster was in the godville times. Don't write the letters "g.e." as those are automatically added.
; {{para|ignore-no-image|<var>yes</var>}} : ''Optional'' — Set to <code>yes</code> (or any similar positive-state value) to disable the automatic placement of {{tlx|Picture}} above the infobox.

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