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==Progress Bar==<noincludediv style="float:right;margin-left:0.5em;">[[File:ProgressBar.jpg|frameless|upright=0.5|link=Progress Bar]]</div>
Please note, this Featured text The Progress Bar is using a new set chain of templates designed to change the gender used in the text (''hetaverns established by one of Godville'' and ''she'') on a daily basiss most renowned craft brewers Lara Craftbeer. If you're confused why this The franchise is talking about a heroine, or why it seems to change itself, you can read more and join the conversation on [[Talk:Main_Page#Templates_for_he-orfamous for serving locally brewed beers made out of “real non-she_in_articles|this Talk topic]]artifical ingredients.”®️
</noinclude>==Nine Inch Snail==<div style="float:Lara Craftbeer left;margin-right:1rem;">[[Image:NineInchSnailher hometown to become an adventurer.gif|150px|Nine Inch Snail]]</div>The '''Nine Inch Snail''' (''Cochlea novem'') is a [[monster]] of little threat to {{While hanging out with other heroes-or-and heroines|or=1|daily=1}}. They usually attack the {{hero-or-heroine|daily=1}} from the left side. If the {{hero-or-heroine|daily=1}} is strong at the time of battle, the Nine Inch Snail is nothing to worry about, but if {{he-or-she|daily=1}}'s low in strength, try giving {{him-orfound a deep-her|daily=1}} a boost. Overall the Snail is not a dangerrooted love for beer. Just try She decided to keep your {{hero-or-heroine|daily=1}}'s left side defended. Sometimesretire from slaying monsters and raiding tombs, one can hear a Nine Inch Snail moments before it strikes. Survivors have reported that and devote the sounds are distinctly that rest of the Nine Inch Snails' top songs including: "March of the Snails", "Shell like a hole", "The Salivary Duct That Feeds", and "The Perfect Slug"her life to brewing beer.
([[Nine Inch Snail|Lara'''mores first brewery was started in an old carriage house. Her brews were experimental and innovative,; she tried to come up with new flavors, shapes, and viscosities. She had a lot of success among the local connoisseurs, but struggled to compete with the big taverns.She figured she needed an original staple brew, so, inspired by a rumour of bear monsters brewing beer, she left again to live the life of an adventurer in the hopes of them and some inspiration.She found and observed Beer Cubs for weeks, ultimately coming up with Beer Cub Ale, her most popular and award-winning brew.''']])
Recently featured: ([[Map of GodvilleProgress Bar|'''More...''']] ) ----Recently featured: [[RootbearFool's goldfish]] -- [[Somersault through the navelBeer-battered beer]]<noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]][[Category:Frontpage]]

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