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Feather Mail

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Tips For Before/After Sailing When Being Thrifty
#'''Consider selling treasure bags''' - Selling a treasure bag usually results in a gold return lower than what you’d get for opening and then selling the items. However, selling a treasure bag does give some return and on a no-charge sail, that’s reasonable return. <u>If the forecast is for getting 2x for activateables, selling your treasure items might be better than opening them.</u>
#'''Send when your hero is in town, having completed a quest''' - When you return from sailing, your hero won’t sell your items, therefore you can wait until after they pray if you need gp to activate one of your items. If you do this and there’s a chance the booty item might fill your inventory with items, don’t open it when you hit the road or you’ll be sent right back to Godville, sacrifice included.
#'''Don't send at full health and no sellable artifacts''' - Doing so means the treasure bag will could be sold before you are able to open it. The less health your hero has and the more artifacts you have increase the time you have to earn gp, either from the cap or from overheard voices if you only need a few % to make it.

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