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Approved Ideas: quest endings
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* <span id="Approval">Quest Endings: 1113</span>
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|| 08/24/17 || calculate the interest rate on borrowed time || The shoddiness of my calculations clearly show that there is a complete lack of interest in this case.
|| 0508/26/17|| unlock the next quest area || Distracted the farmer then plucked a chicken feather to tickle the troll who dropped a golden trumpet which woke the sleeping Gorons who ate the pile of rocks that was blocking the path forward.|-|| 08/30/16 17 || bring balance to the force || Rigged a forcefield generator to apply a secondary force equal and opposite to the original.|-|| 08/30/17 || weigh an anchor || Ran into the Godville Nightly News anchor while she was on vacation. She graciously allowed me to measure her weight.
|| 03/27/18 || take advantage of an unlimited time offer || Took my sweet time before making the most advantageous decision, which was to not buy any useless junk.

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