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==Zombie survival kit==<div style="float:leftright;margin-left:0.5em 0.9em 0.4em 0;">[[ImageFile:Godvillemap800pxBrown.jpg|150pxframeless|upright=0.5|Godville Maplink=Zombie survival kit]]</div>
Once upon The zombie survival kit is a time, the heroes and heroines of Godville wandered, [[quest]]ing and fighting [[bold artifact carried by monsters]] through the lands, stumbling from [[Towns|town to town]], barely even paying attention to where they were or what was around them. The roads and villages were Heroes may acquire this artifact by killing a blur, each fading into the next, a foggy haze of taverns and tradersmonster with it in its possession. Towns were well behaved, obediently staying where they were putMerchant purchase prices range from 43 to 657 gold coins. The more situationally aware heroes would sit in quiet corners or around campfires trying to figure out where the best healers and traders could be found. But most would just stumble and stagger up and down the road, secure in the knowledge that zombie survival kit comes with a town would be close enough to crawl to, even with the most serious of blood lossfree handy-dandy canvas bag.
([[Map of Godville|'''more...''']])A complete kit also contains the following:
Recently featured: ([[RootbearZombie survival kit|'''More...''']] ) ----Recently featured: [[Somersault through the navelProgress Bar]] -- [[Voice of godFool's goldfish]]<noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]][[Category:Frontpage]]

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