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Confessing Spammers

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==The Guild Chronicles==
*1580 {{ge|09|06|2014}} g.e.: The "Confessing Spammers" Guild is founded by {{god|The Wyvern God}}.*1582 {{ge|09|08|2014}} g.e.: Co-founder {{god|PutInNameHere|temple = yes|breeder=yes}} joins the guild after a long journey.*1583 {{ge|09|09|2014}} g.e.: The last stone of the headquarters is being placed. The first guests are being welcomed. ''The conversations have started and'' never ''shall end!''*1584 {{ge|09|10|2014}} g.e.: {{god|PutInNameHere|temple = yes|breeder=yes}} blows down a part of the guild hall by mixing up things you apparently shouldn't mix up.*1587 {{ge|09|13|2014}} g.e.: {{god|The Pizza Lord Soybo}} joins ''The Spammers'' and thus becomes the third member!*1610 {{ge|10|06|2014}} g.e.: The Confessing Spammers hit the Top 100 in the [ pantheon of duelery]. It is herewith being announced that ''this'' is not supposed to be the end of growth...*1633 {{ge|10|29|2014}} g.e.: The arrival of our fifth member lets us instantly reach a high ranking in the [ pantheon of popularity]. It decreases later, but we will not leave it!*1657 {{ge|11|22|2014}} g.e.: {{god|Redgreed4|temple=yes}} becomes the professional ''Confessing Spammers pet coach''! Congratulations!*about 1732 {{ge|02|05|2015}} g.e.: {{god|The Wyvern God}} leaves the guild, probably due to inactivity. He will be seen as "retired until return".
*{{ge|04|11|2015}} g.e.: {{god|PutInNameHere|temple=yes|breeder=yes}} is being elected as the guild's first official leader.
* 1835 {{ge|05|19|2015}} g.e.: The guild opens its doors to the world wide web: We are on Reddit now!
* {{ge|06|12|2015}} g.e.: {{god|Epithumia|temple=yes}} creates a coat of arms for us!
* 1941 {{ge|09|02|2015}} g.e.: {{god|K-Man|temple=yes}} starts his term as the second officially elected leader.* 2066 {{ge|01|05|2016}} g.e.: {{god|Epithumia|temple=yes}} is being elected as the third Confessing Spammers' leader.
* {{ge|05|19|2016}} g.e.: {{god|Muffindeity|temple=yes}} becomes the fourth leader of the Confessing Spammers.

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