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Confessing Spammers

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====Personalities====For details about the Confessing Spammers Guild Statistics please visit:
We are a [[alignment|humane]] guild and as this is - so it seems - a very common alignment, this statistic might be very represenative for many guilds: [[image:personalities.jpg|400px]] This statistic was created on {{ge|12|27|2014}} g.e. and it clearly shows that the majority of our guild members is neutral. Where does this come from? <br> Many gods don't check up on their heroes eagerly. As heroes tend to become neutral<ref>See [[personalities]] for more information.</ref>, this is what happens. Concerning your hero's personality: We don't mind whether he is good or evil, nice or nasty, friendly or cruel: Just join us if you think we suit to you and your hero! ====Levels==== ====={{ge|12|27|2014}} g.e.===== [[imagehttps:Hero_levels_new.png|400px]] This diagram (also made on {{ge|12|27|2014}} g.e.) is easy to interprete: The average level of our guild is 23.9, which is - I daresay - rather low. This, as well, is not very difficult to explain: <br> Many elder gods will stay in their guilds until the inevitable Heat Death of the Universe (they're gods, what else should they do?). They won't change their guild at all, some may have even founded it. So the ones to be recruited for a young guild are the young gods: They aren't sure yet whom to join and just test it out, maybe they go for the [[Achievements|careerist-achievement]]. When ''they'' grow and - so to speak - become one of the elders, they mostly make the decision to stay in one guild - one day this might be us. Until then, we will have to wait. ====={{ge|05|15|2015}} g.e.===== [[image:Hero_levels_2.png|400px]] Surprising about this chart is the vast number of people in between the levels twelve and 20. This might be explainable by remembering<ref>Assuming you once did know.</ref> that we lost a lot of members recently, for some apparently unknown reasons, and are now gaining new members again/wiki====={{ge|02|14|2016}} ggodvillegame.e.<ref>The archivar lacked a satisfying possibility to use this image without taking a photo of it. In case you read this and know one, please contact {{god|PutInNameHere}}. Used: Diagram for Microsoft Word.<com/ref>===== [[image:Ranks3.jpeg|400px]] As one can see, the tides have turned. In contrary to the former level-based statistics, this one offers new peak positions, the absolute maximum at levels 21-30 Confessing_Spammers_Details Confessing Spammers Details (which isn't that surprisingStatistics) and a relative one at 41-50. Also please note the persons levels in their 50s: They joined the guild when it was young and decided to stay here. These people usually are far beyond cardinal rank and usually don]'t leave "their" guild again.  Eventually, I would like to point out that all of our members levels 52 and above have a temple. So those of you, who don't yet and believe this day might never come: Don't worry, as the Beatles said: "All you need is <s>love</s> patience!" ====Guild ranks - a series==== From time to time I will send another diagram concerning the distribution of guild ranks. I think it might be interesting to see, how it differs from a relatively young guild to the older guild we will be one day. =====Diagram #1 - {{GE|01|03|2015}} g.e.===== [[image:Ranks_1.png|400px]] [[Guilds|Grand masters]] and advisors are six. After reaching five members, a guild starts getting random heroes to join it. This is clearly seeable in the first picture, as after these two ranks the following three, chief master, master and follower equal 74%! But what about the lower ranks? Shouldn't they be as much, maybe even more? No. Fan, intern and reccruit take only four days altogether, while the following three take 32 days - more than a month. So this, too, makes sense.<br> Why we don't have ranks higher than grand master is even easier to explain: It takes 135 days to become a cardinal - but this guild only exists 118 days yet. So in the next chart I am sure to be able to present more ranks! =====Diagram #2 - {{GE|05|15|2015}} g.e.===== [[image:guild_ranks_2.png|400px]] In contrary to the former chart, where recruits and followers were about a third of the number of members, they are about 50% today. As a fact, we depend even more on lower ranked members. Nevertheless, we finally got cardinals and even two hierarchs, and together they are about eleven percent, allowing us to elect a leader.  =====Diagram #3 - {{ge|02|14|2016}} g.e.<ref>The archivar lacked a satisfying possibility to use this image without taking a photo of it. In case you read this and know one, please contact {{god|PutInNameHere}}. Used: Diagram for Microsoft Word.</ref>===== [[image:actualRanks3.jpeg|400px]] Whereas on 1831 g.e., recruits and followers were about 50%, now they only count as about 33%. Instead, ranks cardinal and above have increased and now represent about a quarter of the total members. Overall, as expected, the diversity of guild ranks has increased, and in fact, only the topmost two ranks are not yet represented among us. <span class="noprint plainlinks purgelink">[{{fullurl:{{{page|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}}|action=purge}} <span title="Purge this page">{{{1|↑}}}</span>]</span> Go to top.
==Our guild intendants==

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