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Confessing Spammers

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Leadership: - Added Notan as Leader
*Winner: {{god|Okhuz}}
*Term: {{ge|04|02|2018}} g.e - {{ge|07|31|2018}} g.e
=====Ninth election=====
In the first nomination week sadly no one could be found to take over the lead from great God '''Okhuz'''. In the second week of nomination the god '''Notan''', one of the currently oldest mebers of the guild, nominated himself to take the position as new guild leader. So it came that on {{ge|08|22|2018}} g.e '''Notan'' became Guild leader until {ge|12|20|2018}} g.e..
*Votes: 6/11
*Percentage: 54,5%
*Winner: {{god|Notan}}
*Term: {{ge|08|22|2018}} g.e - {{ge|12|20|2018}} g.e

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