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'''This page is for suggesting nominations for the 'Featured Article of the Week' section on the Main Page.'''
To suggest an article, [ will write 2 edit the article "Nominate an Article"] section of the week sectionthis page, and when possible will choose one from add it ''to the list of nominated articlesbottom'' using this format: <nowiki>[[your_nomination_here]]</nowiki> followed by <nowiki>"--~~~~"</nowiki> (your signature).
===Procedure===To suggest an article, list it below as <nowiki>[[your_nomination_here]]</nowiki> followed by <nowiki>If you want to add a comment to your submission add a "--~~~~"</nowiki> (after your nomination and write your signature)comment.
If you want to add <code><nowiki>[[Unity]] -- This is a comment to your submission add a ". --~~~~</nowiki></code>" after your signature and write your comment.
===Examples===[[Unity]] -- This is a comment. --[[User:Spode|Spode]] 22:38, 3 June 2012 (BST)
[[Unity]] ==Nominate an Article=={{warning|Guild and user pages are not eligible}}<!--[[User:Spode|Spode]] 22 --- Place nominations below --- Nominations take the following format:38, 3 June 2012 (BST)
==Nominate an [[Article==title]] --~~~~ When you save, the ~~~~ is automatically replaced with a signature containing your name and a timestamp. A comment can be added to your nomination if you like, e.g.:{{warning|Don't suggest guild or user pages}}<[[Article title]] -- Great picture and really well written!--~~~~ New nominations should be added to the BOTTOM of the list. --> [[Hellaphant]] --Place nominations below[[User:Holy Spirit of Hell|Holy Spirit of Hell]] ([[User talk:Holy Spirit of Hell|talk]]) 01:24, 24 August 2018 (UTC) [[Destroyer of Words]] is just the cutest gosh-darned monster you ever did see! --[[User:Djonni|Djonni]] ([[User talk:Djonni|talk]]) 17:51, 12 November 2018 (UTC) [[Cash Cow]] a new gold addition (see what i did there?) to the godwiki that was sneakly written by OELLEx. -->[[User:WardPhoenix|WardPhoenix]] ([[User talk:WardPhoenix|talk]]) 13:49, 12 February 2019 (UTC) ==History of Featured Articles==
[[Nine Inch Snail]] --[[User:RussleJimJams|RussleJimJams]] ([[User talk:RussleJimJams|talk]]) 15:54, 14 February Before September 2017 no changes were made to the Featured Article for several years. I've compiled the history since 2017 (UTC) --> Short, sweet, and has a fantastic GIF of the monster.Featured Articles to:
[[Waking Nightmare]] --[[User:ElectroChip|ElectroChip]] * Recognise gods for making good ([[User talk:ElectroChip|talk]]chosen) 16:07, 9 May 2017 nominations;* Recognise editors for keeping the featured article fresh(UTCish);* Keep an easy reference of what articles have already been featured in case of duplicate nominations; and* Give insights into what ''kinds'' of articles are being featured, to inform good choices by editors and nominators about what isn't getting attention.
[[Yorkshire Mammoth]] When removing a newly featured article from the nominations list, please add the change to the table. Be sure to use {{tlx|god|extended{{=}}yes|<var>Godname</var>}} to give easy access to talk pages. The <code>YYYY-MM-DD</code> date format means that table sorting works for chronological order. --[[User:VeryoldmanDjonni|VeryoldmanDjonni]] ([[User talk:VeryoldmanDjonni|talk]]) 0412:3834, 19 February 2 December 2018 (UTC)
[[Temple Completion Time Estimation]] {| class="wikitable sortable"! Featured<br>(YYYY-MM-[[User:Balance keeperDD) !! Article !! Type !! Nomination by !! Edit by|Balance keeper]] 8:38, 24 February 2018 (PST) --> pretty cool tool
|2019- 02 -12 || [[Silent Lamb]] || Monster || {{god|extended=yes|Waaurufu}} || {{god|extended=yes|WardPhoenix}}|-| 2019- 01 -05 || [[Yorkshire Mammoth]] || Monster || {{god|extended=yes|Veryoldman}} || {{god|extended=yes|Holy Spirit of Hell}}|-| 2018-12-02 || [[Waking Nightmare]] || Monster || {{god|extended=yes|ElectroChip}} || {{god|extended=yes|Djonni}}|-| 2018-11-02 || [[Nine Inch Snail]] || Monster || {{god|extended=yes|RussleJimJams}} || {{god|extended=yes|Djonni}}|-| 2018-09-01 || [[Temple Completion Time Estimation]] || Backstage || {{god|extended=yes|Balance keeper}} || {{god|extended=yes|Holy Spirit of Hell}}|-| 2018-08-02 || [[Map of Godville]] || Gameplay || {{god|extended=yes|Djonni}} || {{god|extended=yes|Djonni}}|-| 2018-07-02 || [[Rootbear]] || Monster || {{god|extended=yes|Djonni}} || {{god|extended=yes|Djonni}}|-| 2018-06-08 || [[Somersault through the navel]] || Skill || {{god|extended=yes|Haemoglobin}} || {{god|extended=yes|Djonni}}|-| 2018-01-23 || [[User:WaaurufuVoice of God]] || Gameplay || {{god|extended=yes|Dbulm2}} || {{god|extended=yes|Holy Spirit of Hell}}|-| 2017-11-23 ||Waaurufu[[Dreaded Gazebo]] (|| Monster || {{god|extended=yes|Derelict Red}} || {{god|extended=yes|Holy Spirit of Hell}}|-| 2017-10-19 || [[User talk:WaaurufuNew Times Roman]] || Monster || {{god|extended=yes|Found Alt-self}} || {{god|extended=yes|Holy Spirit of Hell}} |-| 2017-09-06 ||talk[[Sacrificial lamp]]) (''Very uniquely written and engaging'')|| Artifact || {{god|extended=yes|ElectroChip}} || {{god|extended=yes|Holy Spirit of Hell}}|}

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