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Randomness in God Voices: new section
[[File:Petbehav1.jpg|200px|thumb|center|Pets often take advantage of their adorability to infuriate deities without repercussion.]]
== Randomness in God Voices ==
Heya, first I wanted to let you know that I really like the *"Humor in Eighty Characters or Fewer: Voices for Fun and Profit"* section on your page; it's well written and has very useful guidelines.
Then, the reason I'm adding words to your talk page (by the way, I'm sorry if you keep this empty for a reason). When reading the guidelines, I felt the effect of randomness was a little underexplained. It's there, in other guidelines, but I was thinking it might deserve a guideline on its own. After all, most witty godvoices rely on it, and if your godvoice is random in the right way, you can safely ignore multiple guidelines.
The kind of randomness I'm talking about is the kind that doesn't make sense, and that thus surprises the reader in such a way they upvote the godvoice, without really knowing why. For example, a godvoice of mine that said something like "Flip. Flap. Flip flap flup fap. Flippupoluflap." got upvoted enough. *It's interesting, because people don't expect it.* I know it's already there in your guidelines, but perhaps make it a separate one?
Whew. I'm not good with words, but I think I wrote it down in a way that at leasy I understand myself. Hopefully you do too. Or not. Anyway, writing this was fun. Have a nice day ;-). <span style="border: 1px solid #aaa; background: #fcfcf9; margin-right: .3em; padding: 1px;">[[Image:godicon.png|God|link={{urlencode:Wawajabba|PATH}}]] '''[{{urlencode:Wawajabba|PATH}} Wawajabba]{{#if: |{{medal | hr = | zv = | ar = | tr = | cm = }}}}{{#if: 42|<small>([[User:Wawajabba|'''<span title="Visit Wawajabba's Godwiki Userpage">U</span>''']]•[[Special:Contributions/Wawajabba|'''<span style="color:#222;" title="View Wawajabba's Godwiki contributions">C</span>''']]•[[User talk:Wawajabba|'''<span title="Leave a message on Wawajabba's user talk page">T</span>''']])</small>}}'''</span> 21:28, 7 August 2018 (UTC)

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