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Guide to the Galaxy

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== Members ==
*{{god|Skuum}} -- hoopyfrood
*{{god|Satella}} -- hoopyfrood
*{{god|Nimoisis}} -- hoopyfrood / former guild leader
*{{god|Capn Multibeard}} -- hoopyfrood / former guild leader
*{{god|Asleeppugman}} -- hoopyfrood
*{{god|Wildaho}} -- hoopyfrood
*{{god|Nilecj}} -- hoopyfrood
*{{god|Irisa}} -- hoopyfrood
*{{god|Kai the Fox}} -- hoopyfrood
*{{god|LaLaQueen}} -- hoopyfrood / former guild leader*{{god|Merricks}} -- prophet*{{god|Glorious doge}} -- prophet hoopyfrood / former guild leader*{{god|Kornykorn}} -- regenthoopyfrood*{{god|Patrick Tan}} -- patriarch hoopyfrood *{{god|Beausoleil}} -- patriarch hoopyfrood / former guild leader*{{god|SincredMakra}} -- patriarchhoopyfrood *{{god|Vicktor6342Nicevenn}} -- patriarchprophet*{{god|MakraJobu H Logic}} -- hierarch regent*{{god|Conscious CodexMumbaxxa}} -- grand masterregent*{{god|NicevennShakalakaboom}} -- grand masterregent*{{god|GreaseballzGrobgobglob-grod}} -- advisorhierarch*{{god|HighrollerCrimx2009}} -- advisorhierarch*{{god|TaynColandermine}} -- chief mastercardinal*{{god|VaderionRybeth}} -- chief mastercardinal*{{god|LegacyfighterGitarrengott}} -- chief mastergrandmaster*{{god|Ellis God of All}} The Traveller-- chief master*{{god|Donkey}} -- chief masteradvisor*{{god|A t n a sLaLaQueen}} -- chief masteradvisor / former guild leader*{{god|Lord-StarkeyEmperor Ian White}} -- chief masteradvisor
==Automated History-o-matic==
|'''Guide to the Galaxy''' is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying '''19th''' place in the pantheon of unity. Rumor says there are about '''38''' of them. “hoopyfrood” — that's how elites of this guild like to call themselves. Guild's unity increases with dropping temperature.
The day 3058 g.e. edition of ''The Godville Times'' featured Guide to the Galaxy once again.
|'''Guide to the Galaxy''' is a heroic horde of '''32''' heads located around the '''80th''' place in the pantheon of unity. The highest rank here is “hoopyfrood”. Almost every guild member finds it offensive to take a turn for the worse.

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