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The Enhancement Room (ER): Added missing categories and extra information.
* Select a news type for Earthly news ideas or a phrase type for Diary, Duels, or Dungeons ideas.
* Submit a correction for an idea – this should be used only if the original idea is good enough, but could be made even better with a slight modification.
* Submit a comment on an idea (with or without a correction) – ER reviewers are able to add comments to ideas which, as with all activity in the Ideabox and ER, will be anonymous. Sometimes several comments will be left by reviewers, often in conversation or debate. These comments can at times be very helpful, informative, or complimentary, but reviewers are reminded than anything in ER is publicly viewable by any player, including the submitter, and both ideas and other editors should be treated politely and respectfully, even when disagreeing.
* Re-cast your vote for an alternate variant – each player is allowed to cast only one vote per an idea and all its corrections, so if someone offers a better version, your vote can be moved the other variant.
* If an idea is not interesting or not worth improving, it’s better to just ignore it. It will disappear automatically 24 hours after reaching the ER.
====Editing your own ideas====
While it is technically possible to submit corrections on your own idea in the ideabox, it is heavily frowned upon.
* All authors and writers, regardless of experience and skill, benefit from the work of editors. It is difficult beyond reason to critically read your own work, and very easy to be blind to your own mistakes. Allow other sets of eyes to do that work.
* ''Of course'' you think your idea should be in the game. You wouldn't have submitted it otherwise. But the content in the game is seen by everyone, and so many opinions are needed.
While you can submit corrections on your own ideas, you can never vote for them. Furthermore, any corrections on your own ideas will appear in bold text, to ensure others know it hasn't been done by another editor. Comments on your own ideas are less problematic, especially when in response to another editor's comment (or compliment), and will also appear in bold. Remember to always be polite, even if you don't agree with a correction to your idea.
====News and Phrase Types====
Those with ER access must categorize Earthly News, Diary, Duels, and Dungeons ideas before submission. Below are the possible categories:
*Random Occurrences
**during temple construction
**while waiting for an arena opponent
**for a hero-trader
**on meeting a strong monster
**on fleeing from the monster
**on death from the monster
**on killing defeating the monster
**on loss of the artifact
**on resurrection
**on finishing selling off loot
**on getting a new quest
**on depositing savings**on aura end**on arrival to town**fishing
**voice from own god
**during temple construction
**when selling loot
**when waiting for an arena opponent/dungeon/sail
**when waiting for resurrection
**when praying
**when fishing
*Monster Fight
**when meeting a monster
**when hit by the monster
**when defeating a monster
**when fleeing from a fight
**"Searching for the right path via…"
**remote control action response
**searching for the hero
**hero-trader: waiting
**hero-trader: selling
**god voice
**reaction to god voice
**god voice
**empty island
**food supplies
**ark repair
**pray shrine
**booty hint
**death no loot
**death with loot
**battle start
**battle end
**battle flee
**god voice
**sail start
**sail end
=====Quests, Monsters, Artifacts and Equipment=====
The '''Quests, Monsters''' and '''Artifacts''' sections have no categories for ER reviewers to file ideas. Corrections and comments can be submitted as usual, though. The '''Equipment''' section allows reviewers to change the type of equipment between the categories available for submission (changing an ''amulet'' idea from '''Head''' to '''Talisman''', for example).
====Diary Advice====
Before marking an idea as "ready", Gods with ER access are instructed "Don't vote up the idea if [it] doesn't meet all requirements!" Requirements for the various submissions are as follows:
For '''Diary, Earthly News, Duels, Dungeons,''' and '''DungeonsSail,''' Gods are given examples to make sure the submitted phrase:
# is very good and reads well
# is grammatically correct
===What happens after ER?===
After 24 hours of ER review, an idea is moved to '''idea purgatory''' (also known as the '''review queue'''), where it will wait for the final decision from the Godville devs. Remember that the devs have the final say - an idea could have an amazing ratio of yes/no votes, a high number of ER votes, etc and still not appeal to the developers. Or it could have barely squeaked by into ER and get into the game. Eventually, the devs will either approve or reject the idea, at which point this will be reflected in both your ingenious ideas and approved submissions (if any were in fact approved).
===A few tips for ER reviewers===
* Don’t try to fix every single submission or get maximum out of it, especially if you didn’t really like the original variant in first place. Turning an idea into something completely different and unrelated is not the purpose of the ER.
* Remember, the goal is not to increase the overall idea acceptance rate close to 100%. The goal of the ER is to find good and promising ideas among all of the submissions and quickly get them into the game (while crediting their authors).
* %gold% as a variable will show up as %gold% in the preview - don't change it to %v%. It will appear in the game as '# gold coins'. If a variable is unsupported you will get an error message stating so.
==Admin Idea Review Process==

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