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| image = Rootbear.jpg
| class = Bear
| habitat = Undergrowths of deep forests, base of trees that heroes sleep under and the criminal underground
| description = The origin of all things unbearable in Godville
| health = 1.5x a hero's health
}}The '''Rootbear''' (''Ursus Orsus Radix'') is a bear [[boss-monster]] and it is the origin of all things unbearable in Godville. It is the '''wildest Bear''' in Godville but it feeds on the sweet sap of the ''Sassafras'' tree, a source of ''Sarsaparilla'' or '''Rootbeer''', a non-alcoholic ''pagan beer'' feared by many heroes and tavern owners. Rootbears in turn feed on this fear by feeding on the many heroes and tavern owners but are mostly found in cellars and beer-ridden locations underground. The Rootbear presented itself to be the wildest animal known in Godville with little regard for logic or fashion.

== Origins ==

Trouble was brewing in the Taverns. There was a rapid and steady decline of heroes, especially when going down the stairs. The gods had introduced a form of '''non-alcoholic beer''' known as '''Rootbeer'''. ''Godvillian Rootbeer'' mimicked beer with the downside of making the drinker ''stay sober''. The adventurers of Godville had never known responsibility for their actions, let alone deal with their consequences. The Rootbeer was ''unbearably hated'', sometimes ''feared'' and framed as a false beer designed to mislead heroes from misleading themselves. Heroes and heroines of Godville revolted against their own gods. Tavern owners sponsored the fights in favor of the Beer economy, though it did more harm than good to the heroes and heroines.

Just as the ''War Between God and Herokind'' began, it ended, because the heroes frankly didn't stand a chance or rather didn't stand at all. Most of it was just a group of heroes hitting themselves on the head anyway. Like every other time they had defied their god and goddesses, it was never a fully conscious decision. As punishment, the gods tried negative enforcement, a technique similar to training pets and voluntary lab animals. The Rootbear was created as an embodiment of ''Herokind's failure to bear responsibility for its own consciousness'' and ''exercise self-control'', a physical reminder to the heroes and heroines of Godville, a monster that was fear itself and fed on the greatest fear of most Godvillian heroes and heroines. A monster, because it was not just wild, it was ''sober''.

== Historical representation ==

Its close cousin, the Brown Bear in comparison is quite tame and is known to have a good command of British-brand English with huge success in city life, regularly securing roles in popular films, children books and singing.

* Feeds on heroes fears of Rootbeer also known as Sober Beer
* Completely wild
* Has a deadly bearhug ''(Similar to the deadly treehug but you are hugged by a bear instead of a tree.)''

* Sweet sap of Sassafras-Sarsaparilla Rootbeer gives it hiccups
* Sober attacks
* Heroes and heroines that listen to their God and Goddesses

== How-To Rootbear ==

A '''Rootbear''' can be found when activating an [[Activatable Artifacts]] or executing the [[Dig]] [[Godvoice]] command. It has a HP 1.5x the hero or party and is recommended to be fought with an ally in a Multi-Boss Battle via a Dig Artifact. You should possess an accumulator charge in case your ally's God or Goddess is inactive. Rootbears like to laze around for 10mins during battle, depending on its [[Boss-monster]] ability. Taking one down rewards you with large sums of '''gold''' and '''2-3 [[Bold Artifacts]]''' presumably stored by the Rootbear because winter is coming. ''Below is an excerpt from a record of a Rootbear battle.''
{{diary| width = 800px | text = 06:32 While digging, █████ and █████ disturbed someone's lair. A giant Sneaky Deafening Leeching Rootbear shows up in front of them...
{{diary| width = 800px | text = 06:42 The heroes defeated the nasty creature! █████ got 4955 gold coins, a figure of speech, an inner voice amplifier, a sarcasm intensifier and a wit sharpener. █████ got 5022 gold coins, a fillet of the Rootbear, a golden brick, a metaphor mixer, a book of dungeon etiquette and a ticket for 'Godville the Musical'.
''**Disclaimer: This [[Aura of Censorship]] is not sponsored by official employees of the Godville Game and is the author's implementation of the [[Rules]]. If you gain any Auras or Aura inducing symptoms, please consult your Guild doctors for future use.

==Godville Realm==

This is a list of known Bear subspecies that originate from the Rootbear but have evolved over time from mutations and curses.

{| class="wikitable"
!Subspecies name!! Image !! Distribution!! Description/Comments
| ''Ursus Biadfectus'' - [[Bipolar Bear]]
| [[Image:Bipolar_bear.png|150px]]
| Originated from a [[Tradeburg]] [[Bipolar Bear|incident]] and is known to migrate back and forth towards nowhere in particular in tundra plains.
| The cursed [[Herowin|Herowinian]] coin artifact referenced is thought to be the [[Three-headed coin]] that matches the [[Herowin]] coat of arms.
| ''Ursus Minimum'' - [[Bear Minimum]]
| [[Image:empty.jpg|150px]]
''No Image on record''
| Bears cursed by a honey-based entity. Story is thought to reference the [[Honey trap]] artifact. Little is currently known of its habitats.
| ''This article needs more study and is a [[stub]]''
| ''Ursus Solaris'' - [[Solar Bear]]
| [[Image:Black_Bear.jpg|150px]]
| The Solar Bear travels southeast from the frozen tundra plains to the great deserts and magma plumes that surround [[San Satanos]] around the region of the [[Great Lava Desert of Trogh]].
| The plumes and radiation caused great mutations in the Solar bears which is closely related to the ''Ursus Biadfectus'' - [[Bipolar Bear]]
| ''Ursus Spiritus Captus'' - [[Polaroid Bear]]
| [[Image:empty.jpg|150px]]
''No Image on record''
| ''Requires further study''
| ''Requires further study''

==See Also==

*[[Yellow Bear]]


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