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The Forsakens Lament Hall of Portraits

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The undefinable {{god|Torray}} shape shifts to anything imaginable, from deadly femme fatales to animals. Witness by a sneaking abnormality, he came to the Forsaken's Land in a burst of fabulous fuchsia light, his ominous aura seeping malevolence into the surroundings. No one knew his real identity. Rumour has it that his true form is a mossy hill.
==='''The Lachrymose Physician: Divelan'''===
Life was just miserable like ones being cursed since she was born, red string that attached to her seem pulled into tearful life, resembled putting the harness on a wild horse. Many prays was bottle up on her neck, because shout was not an option, it just naturally shackled through her veins. World that resolve around her, didn't fit. Destiny seem cheated, void of abyss was always met on her road. Yet darkness wouldn't be exist if there's no light, a speckle one is enough. She always believe a light still guided her life, even endless tears was dropped on her porcelain face.
==='''Bane of Anansi: Arachnaid'''===

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