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The Forsakens Lament Hall of Portraits

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A guide to the death inclined, this mysterious entity appears to some deemed worthy, but only those who consider themselves worthless - enough to take their own life. Nothing else is known about the creature identified as {{god|Suicider Felodese}}, for one, he rarely associates with any other than his chosen "student". His purpose: take this student on a journey - a journey which ends with either Suicider Felodese helping his subject to live, or die. Die, if they still cannot decide to live.
==='''Shadow Keeper: Doumkai the Void'''===
A mass of sentient energy that absorbs anything it touches, which is why it lives (if you can even call it living) in it's own personal realm - a place of pure darkness. When it has to maintain a physical form in the realm of the hero, it chooses to take on the form of a wolf made of black mist. No matter what, it never takes a complete physical form, for if it does, it will only make it part of itself - it's body touches anything, it is absorbed and Doumkai is allowed more power.
==='''Celestial Emissary: Chael Chad'''===
A brave celestial emissary who followed the Duono twin deities into Godville. {{god|Chael Chad}} willingly bears the burdensome weight of the entire village that the sisters had abandoned, by stitching every soul into the seams of his ornate armor. Despite his attractive appearance, he demonstrates an uncouth persona occasionally, especially when arguing with his sentient sword Hushai.
[[File:Janna Beast Lunter.jpg|350px]]
==='''Prince of Pain: Crazyabeldog'''===

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