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Confessing Spammers

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Updated Election Dates as Calculated Back; Set "Ruben the Bold" as r.u.r
| {{god|Ruben the Bold|temple=yes}}
| Guild reporter; ''retired until return''
| Represented by ''Filinia''
*Votes: 7/16
*Percentage: 43.75%
*Winner: '''K-Man'''
*Term: {{ge|08|23|2015}} g.e - {{ge|12|21|2015}} g.e
=====Third election=====
*Votes: 8/21<ref>Unfortunately, the guild archivar didn't manage to keep track of the exact numbers, thus the ones mentioned are a victim to his more or less good memory. As a consequence of that, the percentage, of course, has also been calculated based on these estimations.</ref>
*Percentage: 38.10%
*Winner: '''Epithumia'''
*Term: {{ge|01|05|2016}} g.e - {{ge|05|04|2016}} g.e
=====Fourth election=====
*Votes: 9/18
*Percentage: 50.00%
*Winner: '''Muffindeity'''
*Term: {{ge|05|19|2016}} g.e - {{ge|09|16|2016}} g.e
=====Historical issues=====
Sadly, due to a fire in the Guild Archives, some of the history has been lost between the Fourth and the Eighth election {{ge|05|19|2016}} g.e. and {{ge|05|13|2018}} g.e..
Guild Scientists are working hard to recover as much data as possible.
 =====Fifth election=====*Winner: ???*Term: {{ge|10|01|2016}} g.e - {{ge|01|29|2017}} g.e =====Sixth election=====*Winner: '''Der_F'''*Term: {{ge|02|13|2017}} g.e - {{ge|06|13|2017}} g.e =====Seventh election=====*Winner: ??? *Term: {{ge|06|28|2017}} g.e - {{ge|10|26|2017}} g.e =====Eighth election=====For One week the Election had to be postponed (Not enough candidates could be found)*Winner: '''Redleif'''*Term: {{ge|11|18|2017}} g.e - {{ge|03|18|2018}} g.e =====Ninth election=====Again there had been only one nominee for this election. The God '''Okhuz''' did win the election on {{ge|04|02|2018}} g.e adn and is the rightful Guild leader for this termuntil {{ge|07|31|2018}} g.e..
*Votes: ??
*Percentage: ??
*Winner: '''Okhuz'''*Term: {{ge|04|02|2018}} g.e - {{ge|07|31|2018}} g.e

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