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Confessing Spammers

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Updated the Election Section as ther werent any changes for about two years.
| {{god|PutInNameHere|temple = 31.10.2014 03:24|breeder = yes}}
| Co-founder and grand archivist, past leader; ''retired until return''
| Praised by the hero ''The Ineffable''
| {{god|K-Man|temple=yes}}
| Official guild physician and mad scientist, past leader; ''retired until return''
| Honoured and worshipped by ''KendallMan''
*Votes: 9/18
*Percentage: 50.00%
Sadly due to a fire in the Guild Archives some of the history had been lost between {{ge|05|19|2016}} g.e. and {{ge|05|13|2018}} g.e..
Guild Scientists are working hard recovering as much data as possible.
=====???? election=====
Again there had been only one nominee for this election. The God '''Okhuz''' did win the election on {{ge|04|02|2018}} ad is the rightful Guild leader for this term.
*Votes: ??
*Percentage: ??

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