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news mentions and bingo
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<span id="Approval">'''Ideabox News (72 75 so far)'''</span>
Longest streak: 7 days in a row
* Day 2790 g.e. “Let's celebrate Tlazolteteo and her devotion to helping our ideas be all they can be.”
* Day 2803 g.e. “Eyewitnesses say that Cotzbalam was spotted working in the Enhancement Room. Woohoo!”
* Day 2851 g.e. “Cotzbalam says he loves the ER too much to go a single day without visiting. Sometimes he even visits twice a day.”
* Day 2886 g.e. “Cotzbalam says that yes, his ER correction skills are innate reflexes, and no, he will not autograph the reporter's t-shirt”
* Day 2887 g.e. “Sources report that Cotzbalam has been prettying up phrases in the ER for a brighter, funnier, happier Godville.”
* more to come...
= Other Fun Facts =
Best score in Bingo: 54 59 (2668 2887 g.e.)
Best rank in Bingo: #2 1 (2685 2887 g.e.)
Best haul from Bingo (regular day): 6840 gold coins (2513 g.e.)

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