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The Forsakens Lament Hall of Portraits

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Suicider Felodese
Being born from the fiery rage of {{god|Brand of fire}}, fiyaaahhh walks the earth plaguing the heroes of godville. He once was a simple human who had a god who encouraged him 24/7, then one day his god abandoned him, leaving him to die. Brand of Fire came across his soul wandering the halls of Valhalla. He took his soul back to his forge and built him a body from fire and rock. Now since he has a second chance at life he is doing the will of his god, burning a path of chaos and anarchy in his wake.
==='''Benevolent Death: Suicider Felodese'''===
A guide to the death inclined, this mysterious entity appears to some deemed worthy, but only those who consider themselves worthless - enough to take their own life. Nothing else is known about the creature identified as {{god|Suicider Felodese}}, for one, he rarely associates with any other than his chosen "student". His purpose: take this student on a journey - a journey which ends with either Suicider Felodese helping his subject to live, or die. Die, if they still cannot decide to live.

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